Bringing awareness. Restoring hope. Loving people back to life.

Hope Soldiers is a grassroots organization which offers lifelong solutions for individuals struggling with an identity crisis, and helps them to overcome the issues that stem from it – primarily addiction, depression, self-harm, and homelessness. Most prominent in Snohomish County, we aim to shift stigmatic perspectives, and transition individuals out of programming and into their purpose. Our mission is to bring awareness, restore hope, and love people back to life, through our HOPE movement – which stands for Handing Out Purpose Everywhere.

We work tirelessly to find loopholes and ways around state process for getting treatment and housing. Our local awareness events draw in large crowds, and typically have audiences of over a thousand people. 

We offer direct mentoring, we provide tools and guidance to help you dissect the struggles you face, and help you create a plan of action to overcome these struggles. We help you determine what is needed to overcome your struggles, and help you locate and connect to the right resources (i.e. treatment, legal support, counseling, etc.) for your personal recovery. We also help you identify your needs, goals, passions, and talents, and provide you with opportunities to serve using all of these aspects. We believe that by helping you recognize your worth, and discover your true identity, we can help spark your desire to live a purposeful life, help you process and overcome your past, current, and future struggles, and help you become a servant leader. 

Our efforts have been captured by local media, such as the Everett Herald, KIRO 7, Q13, King 5, and KOMO News Radio, as well as the MTV documentary "Prescription for Change: Ending America's Opioid Crisis" (featuring Macklemore and former President Obama). Our work was formally recognized through an invitation to participate on a panel at the White House, to discuss the opioid epidemic with former Office of National Drug Control Policy Director, Michael Boticelli, and Macklemore, as well as through an invitation to witness the signing of the 21st Century Cures Act by former President Obama

The Hope Soldiers team is made up of leaders who have overcome addiction, survived abuse, healed from depression, and recovered from self-harm. We are all volunteers and do not charge a fee for our services, and we are willing and able to help individuals from anywhere in the world. 

Our HOPE movement is active on social media, at our community events, and through our outreach. You can participate in our movement by following us, wearing our HOPE merchandise, and helping us carry out our mission.

If you are interested in what we offer, please visit our CONTACT page. We are based in Snohomish County, WA, but we are available to work with you regardless of your location. 

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