Bringing awareness, restoring hope, and loving people back to life.

Hope Soldiers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, in Washington State, offering free mentorship, advocacy, and support to individuals with substance use and/or mental health disorders. Our primary goal is to help individuals discover their purpose in life. The hope in Hope Soldiers stands for Handing Out Purpose Everywhere.

We evaluate each person's needs, goals, and talents, and determine service positions that align with these criteria. We then locate the appropriate resources to help individuals recover and overcome obstacles, regardless of their financial situation. We believe that by helping individuals discover their true identity, we can help spark their desire to live a purposeful life, help them work through their struggles, and become servant leaders.

We mainly service Snohomish County, but will assist any individual from any other county, state, etc. 

We strive to educate and spark compassion in the community to defeat the stigmas associated with addiction, self-harm, and depression. We believe that everyone is worthy of love, honor, dignity, and respect. We believe that everyone has a purpose. We want to help you discover your purpose, show you that you matter, and that you have the ability to make a difference. We will fight alongside you and assist you in your entire recovery process. We do our best to provide the best support we can to all, regardless of any circumstances.

We carry a message of hope to individuals who are struggling, as well as families and loved ones of those who are struggling. We provide knowledge, resources, and assistance with treatment options, housing, and employment, and provide opportunities to be of service. 


We have a free weekly support group at 7pm on Tuesdays at Mukilteo Foursquare Church, which allows for open dialogue, open feedback, breakthroughs, and healing for all. This is all-inclusive, and is open to family, loved ones, and those struggling or in recovery.


We have a weekly homeless outreach group in South Everett and Seattle every Sunday at 2pm, supplying food, clothing, and harm reduction supplies to the homeless community. Our team is called Hope Crew Outreach. Please visit www.hopecrewoutreach.com for more information.


We have several other community events throughout the year and opportunities to get involved. Please check our events page for more details. 

We are available to speak at events, assemblies, classrooms, forums, town halls, etc. Please visit the contact page for scheduling.

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