The path to treatment for those who have state medical insurance (Apple Health), or those who do not have medical insurance, is mostly self-service. If you have state insurance or no insurance, follow the steps on our TREATMENT page if you are wanting substance abuse treatment.


If you have state insurance or no insurance, and need direct and personal assistance in Snohomish county, regarding housing, substance use treatment, or mental health treatment, please visit our partner The Hand Up Project or call Robert Smiley (founder) directly at (425) 971-1774

Please note: We are not able to directly enroll individuals in substance use treatment facilties/detox who don't have insurance or who have state insurance (Apple Health) or medicaid, with the exception of pregnant woman, and WA state tribal members. It is a self-service process, but we can provide resources and guidance. You may contact Robert Smiley directly (425-971-1774) for help with enrolling. To learn more about how to enroll in treatment/detox, please go to our TREATMENT page.

If you have private insurance, we can provide immediate assistance to help you get into substance use treatment. If you have private insurance and you need help getting into a treatment facility, please email us directly at 


Hope Soldiers does not have any volunteer opportunities at this time. Stay posted by subscribing to updates on our home page, for free mentorship training, and expanding the Hope Soldiers movement in your area. For volunteer opportunities with our homeless outreach, or donating items, please visit Hope Crew Outreach. You may also reach out to The Hand Up Project for potential opportunities. 


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