We work with individuals to identify the struggles they face, and we help them to create a recovery plan to overcome these struggles. We help them determine what is needed to overcome their struggles, and help them locate and connect to resources (i.e. treatment, legal support, etc.) We also evaluate each person's needs, goals, passions, and talents, and help establish service positions that align with these aspects. We believe that by helping individuals recognize their value, their true identity, we can help spark their desire to live a purposeful life, help them work through their struggles, and become servant leaders. Our program is designed to be a "pay-it-forward" program, and we do not charge for our services and resources. If you are interested in our program, please fill out the contact form.

If you are just looking for substance use disorder treatment, and have state medical insurance (Apple Health), or no insurance, follow the steps on our RESOURCES page. If you'd like direct assistance with the process, and live in Snohomish County, please contact The Hand Up Project or call Robert Smiley (founder) directly at (425) 971-1774

If you have private insurance, please email us directly at info@hopesoldiers.com. We provide direct and immediate assistance with this process to help you avoid drug rehab scams.

Hope Soldiers does not have any volunteer opportunities at this time. Stay posted by subscribing to updates on our home page, for free training, and expanding the Hope Soldiers movement in your area. For volunteer opportunities with our homeless outreach, or donating items, please visit Hope Crew Outreach. You may also reach out to The Hand Up Project for potential opportunities. 

For other resources, such as 12-step program and family support groups, please click here.

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