Hope Soldiers is a grassroots organization, helping individuals overcome addiction, depression, and homelessness, through our HOPE movement (Handing Out Purpose Everywhere), by bringing awareness, restoring hope, and loving people back to life. Through peer counseling and public events, we educate and inspire the community, connect individuals to resources, and offer long-term individualized support. We help individuals of any age, and families, all over the world, who have been affected by addiction and depression. We help people turn pain into power. We shift stigmas, and transition individuals out of programming and into their purpose. 

A Hope Soldier is a person recovering from their battle with addiction and depression out loud, to give hope to others struggling silently. This also includes the families and loved ones recovering alongside us.

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Our local events draw in large crowds, and typically have audiences of over a thousand people. Past speakers have included former-NFL wide receiver Trent Shelton, and WA State Representative Lauren Davis (originator of Ricky’s Law). Our movement really started gaining momentum and support from all over the world after our outreach efforts were documented in the MTV film "Prescription for Change: Ending America's Opioid Crisis" (featuring Macklemore and former President Obama), and mentioned by h3h3 productions. Our work was also formally recognized, through an invitation to participate on a panel at the White House, with former Director Michael Boticelli, and Macklemore, as well as through an invitation to witness the signing of the 21st Century Cures Act, by former President Obama. Our efforts have also been captured many times by local and national media.

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The Hope Soldiers team is made up of leaders who have overcome addiction and homelessness, survived abuse, healed from depression, and recovered from self-harm. 

Our HOPE movement is active on social media, at our community events, and through our outreach. You can participate in our movement by wearing our famous HOPE hoodies and other merchandise (see our merch page), following us on social media, and helping us carry out our mission to bring awareness, restore hope, and love people back to life.

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In loving memory of Nick and Alaina.